Do you want to massively impact the world? Do you know how to become a Francis Bacon, Marie Curie or John von Neumann? We’ve spent 20+ years investigating the question and have a few ideas…


The Upgrade Program (UP) is an experimental 10-step program that uses emerging technology, behavioral science, and applied rationality to help you set, plan, and achieve your life goals. To visualize UP, imagine that you’re Batman and dedicated to promoting justice. We’re your Alfred(s).

1. Do Epistemic Housekeeping

You don’t know what you don’t know. And much of what you “know” is wrong. We start by rethinking your life from first principles. 

2. Model Your Priorities

Out of trillions of possible actions, what should you do right now? To answer that, we need to build a quantitative model of your values.

3. Set Life Goals

Working from your values, we determine your life goals and decide how much of your time, attention, and money you’ll allocate to each.

4. Assess Yourself

What is your baseline success rate on your goals so far? Are you progressing, maintaining or regressing? We take hard data to find out. 

5. Build a Personal Team

Self-development is the wrong framing if you want maximal success in life. Instead we focus on your team’s development. 

6. Plan Each Goal

Actually achieving your life goals is hard. To make it easier, we create realistic, tailored, evidence-based plans for each goal. 

7. Execute Plans With Team

We work with your personal team to do the thousands of discrete tasks necessary to realize your goals. The real magic is (strategic) hard work.

8. Analyze Results

Even with your team’s best efforts, many of your plans will fail. But we’ll mercilessly analyze the data and learn how to do better the next time. 

9. Iterate on Plans

We’ll repeat the plan-experiment-learn process until (1) you succeed or (2) pick better goals. No more letting your goals slip through the cracks.

10. Restart

Once you’re on the path to reliably achieving the majority of your goals, then things start to get really interesting…


There are three core pillars of UP.

Emerging Technology

Mindfully incorporating the most useful nootropics, wearables, smart devices, apps, and other tools makes you effectively superhuman. UP guides you to the technology best suited for you. 

Behavioral Sciences

Understanding the science of how to live well is extremely useful. But the research literature is huge and growing exponentially. UP acts as your personal research assistant and operationalizes what is most useful for you.

Applied Rationality

Your brain is the most complex tool you possess. And it’s notoriously full of buggy software (e.g. procrastination, self-deception, etc.). UP helps you debug that software and more effectively pursue your goals. 


UP is designed around your goals, so it comes with essentially whatever you need to succeed. Here are the basics.

Dedicated coach

An UP Coach that will serve as your guide, partner, and cheerleader for months

Upgrade plans

Customized step-by-step plans outlining exactly how to upgrade each area of your life

Vetted tools

A curated database of 1,000+ tools, techniques and programs for upgrading your life

Clean exocortex

A meticulously organized computer, online drive, phone, tablet, office, home, and vehicle

Dedicated team

A carefully handpicked team of experts and assistants fully dedicated to your goals

Life calculator

A quantitative model that prioritizes each of your goals by return on investment

Ready-to-use files

A Drive folder with 1,000+ files ready to use to help you achieve your goals

1-on-1 education

A tailored course on 200+ of the most valuable self-development concepts


We’ve never seen anything like UP. Otherwise we wouldn’t have built it. 

Return on Investment

UP is theoretically the best investment you can make for yourself. We calculate your expected return on investment before beginning and don’t proceed unless it’s at least plausibly the best you can imagine. 

Personal Team

Every great hero, entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, investor, celebrity, and athlete had a team. We build you an extraordinary team 100% dedicated to your goals.

Extreme Personalization

UP is entirely customized based on your values, goals, personality, and unique circumstances. No two UPs are exactly alike. You’re not generic and neither is UP.

Global Ambition

UP is designed to help you achieve great things for yourself and the world. We believe in dreaming big. And acting accordingly. We want you to leave a legacy your descendants would be proud of.

Measurable Change

We measure just about everything meaningful to you and track your progress over time. No more guessing whether a program, tool or course worked or not. 

Intense Planning

We’re obsessed with plans. Yes they often fail. But no that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. You should just do them better. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Lifelong Framing

UP is framed around your entire lifespan. We help you strategically allocate all of your resources–your 700,000 hours and millions in lifetime earnings and non-monetary assets–into what you value most.

Multiple Selves

You are not just you. You’re composed of many psychological subagents, digital analogues, and temporal selves. We design for all of you.


We freely admit that we don’t fully know what we’re doing. No one does (yet). We expect to be wrong and fail often and that’s perfectly okay. Self-compassion is key.


Because life is short and you have a lot you want to accomplish. Here are a few of the 40+ areas of life that UP can help you improve. 


Improve the odds you achieve what you truly want in life


Improve your strategy, values, value-action alignment, integrity, and clarity


Improve your compensation, advancement, career capital, skills, satisfaction, and future-readiness


Improve your net assets, future earnings, portfolio diversification, and security


Improve your self-control, procrastination, habits, routines, and rituals


Improve your decision-making, learning, attention, memory, and creativity


Improve your emotional intelligence, well-being, happiness, stress, and anxiety


Improve your lifespan and reduce illnesses, diseases, injuries, and medical costs


Improve your strength, physique, weight, flexibility, and speed


Improve your waking and sleeping rituals, duration, quality, and dreams


Improve your food’s nutritional value, quality, taste, convenience, and variety


Improve your relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners
More reasons why


UP is for the wildly ambitious who intend to leave their mark on humanity. Do you have the following?



A significant level of agency that you can focus on yourself


An unceasing hunger to be better than you were yesterday


Thousands of hours you and your team can dedicate over months or years


Thousands of dollars to invest on salaries, tools, and assessments


We genuinely want to help you live the life you most want to live. Please reach out if you think we can be of service to you.

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