We didn’t evolve to flourish

Human hardware and software isn’t designed for flourishing in 21st century society. We evolved to hunt and gather and socialize in small tribes, not deftly handle the thousands of complex, interconnected actions necessary to thrive today. Our ancient biology can’t keep up.

As a consequence, we all misuse an extraordinary fraction of our finite time and resources. We procrastinate, we self-deceive, we ignore critical problems, we take overly risky bets, we focus on unimportant things… The list goes on.

But we’re all upgradable

As a society we have yet to invent a solution to the value-action alignment problem. We don’t know exactly how to help people live the lives they most want to live. 

This a very active research question, with millions of researchers, innovators, and practitioners around the world attempting to solve pieces of the incredibly complex puzzle. 

Upgradable’s attempt at this challenge is based on a unique blend of science, technology, and rationality that we’ve never seen attempted before. We’re cautiously optimistic we can make substantial progress.

We invite you to join our efforts, if you think you can help us upgrade the world.