UP is entirely tailored to you and your goals, so it’s hard to determine pricing ahead of time. It’s like asking, “How much will it cost me to achieve everything I want in life?” Tough question to answer, but one we actually attempt to quantitatively model for you. Philosophically we want your growth, not your money. And our aim is to always make you more than you invest.

UP ($varies)

One option is doing a full UP using one of its three modes. This includes an UP Life Design session, followed by the UP Execution phase (UP Coaching and UP Team management) for X months or years. During this time we share responsibility for your life goals and work on them alongside or for you.

UP Life Design ($VARIES)

One option is to do a 1-5 day intensive with an UP Coach to design your own do it yourself (DIY) UP. This generates a clear set of life goals and a broad plan to begin achieving them. It doesn’t include any support following the intensive, although we will of course root for you from the sidelines. 

UP Coaching ($300/hr)

One option is to receive UP-based strategic coaching on an ad hoc, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. In this case, UP does not share responsibility for your goals, but we diligently support you in achieving them yourself. This is a great way to get a sense of how UP may help you.

UP is not executive coaching, but average pricing in that industry is illustrative.