What if you got paid to pursue your most important goals in life? Would you be more likely to achieve them? We think you would. Now imagine if someone else, a trusted expert that knows you well, got paid if and only if you reached your goals. Do you think you would be more likely to achieve them, with their help? We think yes. Welcome to UP, the expert team dedicated to your life goals.


The Upgrade Program (UP) is an experimental program that uses emerging technology, behavioral science, and applied rationality to help you set, plan, and plausibly achieve your life goals. It’s like a head-to-toe, inside-and-out life makeover. Each UP is unique, but they usually consist of 10 steps and run 100 days, 1 year or 100 years. It is not a coaching program, course or training–it is something wholly different. It is a rigorous attempt to live a maximally valuable life.

1. Do Epistemic Housekeeping

You don’t know what you don’t know. And much of what you “know” is wrong. We start by rethinking your life from first principles. 

2. Model Your Priorities

Out of trillions of possible actions, what should you do right now? To answer that, we need to build a quantitative model of your values.

3. Set Life Goals

Working from your values, we determine your life goals and decide how much of your time, attention, and money you’ll allocate to each.

4. Assess Yourself

What is your baseline success rate on your goals so far? Are you progressing, maintaining or regressing? We take hard data to find out. 

5. Build a Personal Team

Self-development is the wrong framing if you want maximal success in life. Instead we focus on your team’s development. 

6. Plan Each Goal

Actually achieving your life goals is hard. To make it easier, we create realistic, tailored, evidence-based plans for each goal. 

7. Execute Plans With Team

We work with your personal team to do the thousands of discrete tasks necessary to realize your goals. The real magic is (strategic) hard work.

8. Analyze Results

Even with your team’s best efforts, many of your plans will fail. But we’ll mercilessly analyze the data and learn how to do better the next time. 

9. Iterate on Plans

We’ll repeat the plan-experiment-learn process until we get it right. Trial and error is inevitable; the goal is to move quickly and cost-effectively. 

10. Level Up

Once you’re reliably progressing on all your life goals, you’ve reached what we call UP v2.0. Then things start to get really interesting…


Instead of pursuing your dreams, we encourage you to execute your well-designed life plan. If you’re curious how we might help you do this, schedule a short call with us to try UP for free. The call is focused entirely on setting, planning, and achieving your life goals. We’ll also send you some UP tools afterward to help you on your way.

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