UP is built around three pillars, three modes, 50+ design principles, and 500+ concepts. It’s complicated, just like life. 


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Emerging Technology

Mindfully incorporating the most useful nootropics, psychedelics, supplements, wearables, smart devices, apps, and other tools makes you fantastically more effective in life. UP guides you to the technology best suited for you. 
cognitive biases codex

Behavioral Sciences

Understanding the science of how to live well is extremely useful. But the research literature is huge and growing exponentially. UP acts as your personal research assistant and operationalizes what is most useful for you, when you need it most.
XKCD is it worth the time

Applied Rationality

Your brain is the most complex tool you possess. And it’s notoriously full of buggy software (e.g., procrastination, self-deception, etc.). UP helps you debug that software and better understand yourself and more effectively pursue your goals.