“What gets measured gets managed.”

Not Peter Drucker

A multi-billion dollar self-development industry has sprung up to help you live your life. Some companies are great at what they do; some are not. It’s extremely hard for anyone to know the difference between the two. Good data can help with that problem.

You deserve more

Many self-development companies suggest their products and services are effective by offering glowing testimonials, cherry picked from their best participants, readers, and clients. Unfortunately, anecdotes are not good evidence. They tell you very little about the actual effectiveness of the product or service.

Show me the data

We offer a simple question for you to ask companies before you buy: May I see your data? Request scientifically-valid outcome data from everyone that profits from helping you grow. This includes us. 

Measuring 101

How do you know how much you actually grew from that workshop you took or book you read? To find out, at the bare minimum you’ll need:

A baseline measurement. On day 1 how much did you weigh? How much money were you earning? How many dates were you getting?

A follow-up measurement. After 12 months how much did you weigh? How much money were you earning? How many dates were you getting? What’s the story after 2 years? 3 years? 5 years? Longer?

A causal explanation. Is it plausible that X caused Y? Or was it just a coincidence?


Collecting good data is hard. It can be expensive and time-consuming. It may not make sense for some companies, especially if they’re early stage or if they’re changing their products and services rapidly.

But ultimately learning from good data can be enormously useful in teaching us how to actually help our clients grow.

Leading the way

It’s past time the industry that teaches others how to change actually changes itself. We need to evolve into an evidence-based self-development industry.

Upgradable believes in honestly and humbly sharing our full results, even if they aren’t flattering. We’d rather shut down than mislead anyone about our effectiveness. 

We hope others in the industry will do the same, when and if it makes sense for them. If this happens, we will have leveled up both an industry and the millions of people we collectively serve.