James Norris

All his life, James has been searching for the best ways to change himself and change the world. He started as an entrepreneur at age 6 and since has co-founded or helped build 9 businesses and 16 organizations, including the premier conference for the effective altruism movement, the world’s first global lifehacking event series, Southeast Asia’s first social innovation hackathon series, and a university for today’s Leonardo da Vincis. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin as a triple major/quadruple minor. He’s spent 20+ years unsystematically upgrading himself.


Michelle Raffanti

Michelle has built growth strategies for all manner of start-ups, nonprofits, and social enterprises spread across many different industries and locations. Throughout her career, she has worked with a targeted focus on women and indigenous populations. She holds a BA in International Relations from DePaul University in Chicago and an MA in Sustainable Development from The New School in New York. Originally from Chicago, she has lived in the UK, Colombia, China, and now resides in Mexico City.


Quentin Ducrocq

Quentin is an analyst and a philosopher, as well as a DJ, vinyl collector, longboard surfer, and former Rubik’s cube addict. After graduating with a master’s diploma in Paris, he worked as manager in several booking agencies and then caught the entrepreneurship bug and co-founded an events company that hosted 24 events. He currently lives in Bali where he is pursuing his mission to impact the planet for the greater good.


Lulu Hermawan

Lulu is a multipotentialite, writer, and lifelong scholar. She speaks 7 languages and is self-taught in many areas, including linguistics, philosophy, art, literature, design, and marketing. Her professional background spans 9 years across hospitality, events, and education. In addition to creating art, she loves to optimise workplace processes. She currently lives in Bali.


Berta Raspall

Berta is a multitasking professional who is skilled in advertising, digital marketing, communication, and visual arts. She’s a 12+ year career background as a photographer and 3+ as a creative designer and advertiser. She’s also studied mindfulness and intentional living and has dedicated her life to helping people and the planet. She is a nature and animals lover and is involved in local voluntary organizations in Catalonia and WWF. Currently based in Barcelona but traveling the world.


UP Network

We build tailored UP Teams from our advisory network of experts, depending on the specific needs of the client. These UP Teams are generally composed of 2-15 people and may include a coach, executive assistant, psychotherapist, physician, exercise physiologist, registered dietitian, financial advisor, publicist, and personal stylist, among others. Some operate for short periods and some for longer.