James Norris

All his life, James has been searching for the best ways to change himself and change the world. He started as an entrepreneur at age 6 and since has co-founded or helped build 9 businesses and 16 organizations, including the premier conference for the effective altruism movement, the world’s first global lifehacking event series, Southeast Asia’s first social innovation hackathon series, and a university for today’s Leonardo da Vincis. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin as a triple major/quadruple minor. He’s spent 20+ years unsystematically upgrading himself.


Michelle Raffanti

Michelle has built growth strategies for all manner of start-ups, nonprofits, and social enterprises spread across many different industries and locations. Throughout her career, she has worked with a targeted focus on women and indigenous populations. She holds a BA in International Relations from DePaul University in Chicago and an MA in Sustainable Development from The New School in New York. Originally from Chicago, she has lived in the UK, Colombia, China, and now resides in Mexico City.


Renz Ladroma

Renz is a multifaceted professional who has a 4+ year career background in the tech industry, writes tech articles, was elected for a government position at age 15, and owns a trading business. She has dedicated herself to lifelong learning and mindful living. She earned a B.S. in Information Technology with specialization in Web and Mobile Applications from Far Eastern University – Institute of Technology in 2016. She can speak the top 3 dialects of her country and is conversational in Nihongo. She lives in Manila.


Glorya Sunarpangesti

Glorya graduated cum laude from LSPR Communication & Business Institute (previously known as London School of Public Relations) with a BA degree in Communication with International Relations major. While in college, she took part in LSPR CaresLondon School Centre for Autism AwarenessIT IS REAL climate change campaign, and LSPR Youth Diplomacy Community. She is passionate about sustainability, reducing animal cruelty, gender equality, body positivity, and solving humanitarian issues. She loves dogs, traveling, photography, and painting. She currently lives in Jakarta.

team hiking

UP Network

We build tailored UP Teams from our advisory network of 30+ experts, depending on the specific needs of the client. These UP Teams are generally composed of 2-15 people and may include a coach, executive assistant, psychotherapist, physician, exercise physiologist, registered dietitian, financial advisor, publicist, and personal stylist, among others. Some operate for short periods and some for longer.

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Sign up to receive a free mini-course on how to set, plan, and achieve your life goals. You'll also receive our UP Concepts anki flashcards deck and other tools.
Achieve Your Life Goals