Philosophically we want your growth, not your money. But to ensure UP can scale, we do need to charge. Having “skin in the game” also makes the intervention far more effective. Please note we don’t do an UP with you unless we’re confident we can help you make significantly more than you invest. 

UP ($varies)

One option is doing a full UP using one of its three modes. This includes UP Life Design and UP Execution for a period of 100 days, 1 year or 100 years. During this time we share responsibility for your life goals and work on them (1) alongside you or (2) independently for you.

UP Life Design ($VARIES)

One option is to do a 3-10 day intensive with an UP Coach to design your own do it yourself (DIY) UP. This generates a clear set of life goals and a broad plan to begin achieving them. It doesn’t include any support following the intensive, although we will root for you from the sidelines. 

Ad Hoc UP Coaching ($300-$500/hr)

One option is to receive UP-based coaching on an ad hoc, weekly, monthly or annual basis. In this case, UP does not share responsibility for your goals, but we diligently support you in achieving them yourself. Note: see industry pricing.