UP Case Study #5


Ran multimillion dollar fund doing genuinely pioneering, world-changing work.


  1. Be healthy
    1. 3 subgoals
  2. Be connected
    1. 2 subgoals
  3. Be effective
    1. 3 subgoals
  4. Be amazing
    1. 6 subgoals


  1. Type: Individual DIY UP -> Individual Variable UP
  2. Length: 2 years and 8 months with UP Coach, self-led afterward
  3. Support:
    1. 108 UP Coach Calls + 154 UP Coach Tasks + 12 UP Assistant Tasks + 0 Other Personal Team Tasks = 274 Tasks
    2. 195 UP Coach Hours + 19 UP Assistant Hours + 0 Other Personal Team Hours = 213 Hours


This investor chose to do an UP to stabilize his life and achieve his ambitious life goals. He was smart, married, and deeply immersed in self-development and rationality. He was living a somewhat painful life due to emotional, relational, and financial challenges, which made his UP on the whole more reactive than proactive.


The client’s UP included specialized coaching from a carefully selected coach, access to a team of behavior change experts and assistants, and use of 50+ digital behavior change tools. He set a number of short-term and long-term goals near the beginning of his UP. His team helped him advance on these goals through regular calls and ad hoc task completion. His team included two executive assistants, as well as a number of specialists including psychotherapists, doctors, gene therapy clinicians, personal trainers, researchers, and developers.


Protocol Completion


Top 3 Successes

  1. Ran multimillion dollar fund doing pioneering, world-changing work
  2. Literally survived the worst period of life
  3. Moved on from a difficult marriage

Top 3 Failures

  1. Spent years in unnecessary emotional distress by staying in an unsalvageable marriage
    1. Did emerge much wiser, self-assured, and emotionally lighter, realizing he is “a wonderful, kind, radiant human being” for the first time in more than a decade
  2. Made multiple financial mistakes (e.g., losing very significant amount of potential income when key transaction was delayed by improper delegation of a complex task to assistant as opposed to others in the UP Team)
    1. Still has many opportunities for successful investments
    2. Did still make a significant amount of money on the example transaction
  3. Spent two years in addiction to harmful substances, at great personal and professional cost
    1. Did after two years successfully end all substance abuse


  • It was a good UP overall that was enjoyable for both the client and UP Coach and was relatively easy to design but hard to execute due to the initial and ongoing difficulties of the client’s life
  • The client made substantial progress on his goals in line with his expectations
  • The client estimated a 40% increase of his overall goal attainment over the UP
  • The UP Coach estimated a 20% impact on the client’s overall goal attainment over the UP

Client Summary

“It’s an extremely flexible and powerful program that got to know me as an individual and then helped me figure out my most important needs and address them.”