If you don’t have the bandwidth to get help with your short- and long-term goals now, consider the following: 

1. Snooze this tab: Slot it into the first clear spot in your calendar in the next 7 or 30 days. Consider using TabSnooze, Snooze Tabby or others. (If you don’t have any clear spots, consider starting a Max Mode UP. You plausibly could use immediate hands on help to get balanced in days/weeks rather than months/years.)

2. Schedule a call: Pick a time far out in the future. We’ll sort out your plan of action then.  

3. Join our email list: Get infrequent self-development lessons. Reconsider UP with each short email.

Or you could instead:

4. Refuse to procrastinate: Consciously allocate time today to decide on your next actions. If UP doesn’t make sense, ignore us and move on. (Ironically, this is exactly what UP helps you do: make decisions wisely and quickly allocate resources to your goals.)