If you don’t think you have the bandwidth to decide on UP now, consider these options:

1. Snooze this tab: Slot it into your calendar in the next 14 days. Consider TabSnooze, Snooze Tabby or others.

2. Join our email list: Get infrequent, story-based lessons on goal attainment. Reconsider UP with each short email.

3. Schedule a call: Pick a time far out in the future. We’ll review your options then or just casually talk.

4. Refuse to procrastinate: Decide on your next actions now. If UP doesn’t make sense for you, ignore us and move on. Ironically, this is exactly what UP helps you do: make resource allocation decisions quickly and wisely.

Our team has been tackling procrastination with people for 20+ years. UP partially solves it: we can often immediately do whatever is blocking you, either with or for you. If you’re “too busy to get unbusy”, our Max UPs were designed exactly for you to get get balanced in days/weeks rather than months/years on your own.