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The following testimonials were taken from earlier behavior change programs, which are now subsumed into UP. They aren’t necessarily illustrative of the results you’d see going through UP, but hopefully they motivate your story-craving mind to do a deeper, analytic assessment of whether UP might be worth it for you. 


“This was by far the most focused week of my life. (…and also probably the most chocolately week of my life.) I abandoned a bad project, started a better one, and deeply evaluated priorities/values/directions. (And ate too much (or was it just enough?) dark chocolate.) Everyone attending was kind, smart, and ambitious. A great community. Looking forward to staying in touch.”
— Shane Stranahan, web developer

“Dear Xingye, Congratulations! You have been successful in your application for admission to the PhD program at the NUS Business School…”
— Liang Xingye, student

“My email was out of control and stressing me out. The GSD enabled me to learn a new email management methodology and go from 2,100 emails to inbox zero in four hours. It felt wonderful.”
— Jeff Osowski, Bain & Company consultant

“Thank you! I got rid of 93,000 emails today due to you.”
— Suzannah Simmons, Director at Angel Venture Forum

“One of the most productive days in months!”
— Balaji Venkatesan, Founder of Nudg Labs

“This has been one of the most productive days in weeks, if not months. Had a minor GSD and was so pumped from productivity that the following training session was effin’ fantastic. Turned my false start of a day into one filled with awesome.”
— Patrick Yang, LMSW


“Joining a men’s junto was probably one of the best decisions in my life”
— Kenneth Yong, Co-Founder of Youth Without Borders


“It was as good as a Harry Potter book.”
— Abby Gallen, 10-year-old (referring to a happiness workshop)


“I do.”
— Benety-Anchalee Liew & Anchalee Kai Temphairojana, happily married 


“The multifaceted approach to facilitating health and wellness shows that you spent a LOT of time thinking of the plan and finding best practices.”
— Pamela R. Yoder, MD, PhD, FACOG


“Thank you for inspiring me (and everyone else in the room). I really enjoyed it!”
—Dr. Shaun Martin, Founder of Applied Cognitive Research