UP Case Study #10


Helped design and execute a multi-disciplinary, high-profile conference with key social innovators


  1. Achieve all life goals


  • Type: Individual DIY UP
  • Length: Ongoing, 6 months as of this update
  • Support:
    • 14 UP Coach Calls + 29 UP Coach Tasks + 1 UP Assistant Tasks + 0 Other Personal Team Tasks = 44 Tasks
    • 17 UP Coach Hours + 2 UP Assistant Hours + 0 Other Personal Team Hours = 19 Hours


This young, altruistic individual chose to do an UP to set his life strategy and increase his agency sufficiently such that he might achieve his life goals. He was running a small non-profit that he inherited from his family, but wanted to exit to work on more impactful projects. He was deeply immersed in self-development and effective altruism. He was living a near ideal life prior to starting his UP.


The client’s UP included specialized coaching from a rationality coach, access to a team of behavior change experts and assistants, and use of 50+ digital behavior change tools. He took multiple subjective and objective assessments near the beginning of the UP and set a number of short-term and long-term goals. His UP Coach helped him design his UP, but the client was primarily responsible for implementing it. The client hired an Executive Assistant to support him with his goals under the guidance of the UP Coach. 


Protocol Completion


Top 3 Successes

  1. Helped design and execute a multi-disciplinary, high-profile conference with key social innovators 
  2. Helped design and build a group home for forward-thinking innovators fully optimized for sustainable productivity and wellbeing  
  3. Completed a multi-month sabbatical in the United States, meeting 150+ new people and substantially improving his life strategy and agency

Top 3 Failures

  1. Did not achieve financial stability as quickly as desired
    1. With 80% confidence, will be financial stable approximately 25% after original prediction 
  2. Did not make best use of available coaching during high-stress times


  • It has been a good UP overall that was enjoyable for both the client and UP Coach and was relatively easy to design and execute
  • The client made exceptional progress on his goals, partially beating his expectations (and having the “best year of his life”)
  • The client estimates a 15% impact on overall goal attainment over the UP
  • The UP Coach estimates a 10% impact on overall goal attainment over the UP