If you’d like to financially support our mission, please contact us and we can send you our funding materials or hop on a call with you. We could very much use your help.

Donations can be designated for (1) our flourishing research, (2) scholarships for promising social and environmental innovators who otherwise wouldn’t have the financial means to run an UP themselves, and/or (3) whatever you choose.

Many people have requested UP support but can’t afford it themselves, which means they can’t dedicate themselves fully to their world-changing work. Instead of fighting for the greater good, they’re fighting their inner demons (often alone) and getting mired by tasks they could have outsourced. They often feel forced to do less impactful work to pay the bills until they can “take the leap” to their highest value work. It’s financially, emotionally, and socially risky for many of them, so they delay for years or decades. This loss of potential good is tragic.

Our normal clients partially cross-subsidize costs for our financially disadvantaged clients, but this comes nowhere close to filling the gap between what we can sustainably offer and what is needed. We could reallocate many millions of dollars to efficiently and effectively supporting these inspiring, impact-focused innovators.